Operate your tire storage program just like Tire Chalet does with Tire Trax!

Built by the creators of Tire Chalet (the industry leader in tire storage), Tire Trax offers an easy-to-use solution that will improve the way you manage your tire inventory.

Over 500 Locations and Growing!

With over 450 plus locations already using Tire Trax as part of their day-to-day duties, this proven technology has not only helped increase customer retention but it's helped optimize efficiency and profitability.

Further to that, Tire Trax is committed to continuous innovation to refine your tire storage process.

"We believe there was a need for advanced software to help manage this fast-paced business, and we're thrilled to be introducing it to you."

Shawn Hebert
CEO Tire Chalet
CEO Tire Trax

Software as a Service (SaaS)


TireTrax is the most effective tire storage SaaS solution available on the market. This robust platform provides the functionality dealers require to effectively manage their tire inventory in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Cloud-based application
  • Mobile app-enabled
  • Complete inventory solution
  • Tire reporting
  • Barcode scanning technology
  • Tire storage program consultation

Robust Software Functionality

Mobile Tire Storage Providers

Mobile tire storage providers require all the same functionality as dealerships, but because they are out in the field helping their customers, they rely on a dependable cloud-based solution that allows them to leverage the software both on and off-site.

  • Cloud-based application
  • Mobile app-enabled
  • Complete inventory solution
  • Tire reporting
  • Barcode scanning technology
  • Routing and scheduling
  • Tire storage program consultation

We're Your One-Stop-Shop

Storage Supplies

TireTrax is your complete tire inventory solution and in addition to providing you the software, we also can provide you with the accessory supplies you will need to get the most out of your tire storage SaaS solution.

  • Labels
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Tire Bags

Contact us here: hello@tiretrax.org

Tire Trax Inegration

DMS Providers

Tire Trax allows you to streamline your appointment scheduling process by allowing you to integrate with popular DMS providers such as:

Tire Trax is the right choice!

Customized Solutions

Tire Trax can integrate with your dealership management system (DMS) to help optimize efficiency and accuracy. Monthly updates are introduced to stay at the cutting edge.

Customer Retention

You're guaranteed to see your tire storage customers twice per annum, which could lead to added revenue. Tire Trax will help you grow your tire storage customer base by earning the confidence of your staff through its reliability, and user-friendly interface.

Tire Reporting

Stay up to date on the condition of your inventory by way of customer-specific tire reports, which include: pictures, tread depth, DOT, Brand, Model, Size, along with special documentation of any damage. Expiring Storage reports are also available.

Increased Customer Transaction Amount

A reliable tire storage program can be the difference between earning the business of a new customer or not. Further to that, the majority of customers will get their regular vehicle maintenance done where their tires are being stored.

Eliminate Loss

Our comprehensive labelling and scanning system allows you to track your tires in real time.

Take Advantage of Industry Demand

The demands for winter tires, and tire storage are rapidly rising. Tire Trax will help you operate your tire storage program just like industry-leader Tire Chalet does.


Exceeding customer

TireTrax takes great pride in our customer testimonials and their acknowledgement of our exceptional engineering services and continued support.

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Please feel free to reach out to us to set up a time for a demo or consultation on how Tire Trax can significantly improve how you manage your tire inventory. Alternatively, send us an email to hello@tiretrax.org

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